Refurbished iPhone XR

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Second Hand and Used iPhone XR

The refurbished iPhone XR has a 6.1 inches display screen, iOS 12.4, latest Apple A12 Bionic processor, 64GB 3GB RAM, and 12MP rear + 7MP front camera. The second hand iPhone XR is available in Black, White, Red, Yellow, Coral, and Blue colours. All the used iPhone XR are unlocked and can be used on any network. The buyer gets a 12-month warranty on the refurbished iPhone XR. Apple's second hand iPhone XR runs out of stock quickly. Hence, select from Excellent, Pristine, and Good iPhone XR refurbished UK now for fast delivery.


Explore the Best Refurbished iPhone XR

Refurbished iPhone are in no way less than an original iPhone, they work as good as a new one, so why pay more for what’s available at less? Buy the best quality refurbished iPhone at Smart Cellular. The refurbished iPhone XR has identical features as the new one. The products which are sold her are handpicked by us and we look for the least used and best condition iPhones and refurbish them for any minor usage. It is then tested at different checkpoints to ensure that the refurbished iPhones deliver nothing below the best performance. Our refurbished iPhone XR price is undoubtedly a cost-effective alternative.


Apple iPhone XR 256GB Space Grey Pristine Condition

The refurbished iPhone XR runs on Apple A12 bionic Chipset and has a display of 6.1 inches. The phone is available with us in pristine condition so you can trust the quality.

Apple iPhone XR Plus 256GB Silver Pristine Condition

High-quality iPhone XR 256 GB silver refurbished available at Smart Cellular at a great deal which comes with a 12 months warranty. The phone is available with us in pristine condition.

Apple iPhone XR 64GB Silver Pristine Condition

Why pay more when you can get the same features at a much lesser price? iPhone XR 64 GB silver refurbished from Smart Cellular at the right price.

Apple iPhone XR 64GB Gold Excellent Condition

Buy iPhone XR 64GB gold refurbished from Smart Cellular that offers refurbished products which have been tested to work and look identical like a new iPhone XR Plus.

Apple iPhone XR 128GB Space Grey Excellent Condition

Save up to 50% by choosing an iPhone XR 128 GB refurbished from Smart Cellular. The product is available with us in excellent condition.

Apple iPhone XR 128GB Space Grey Good Condition

iPhone XR is the literal definition of 'smart' phone. The phone is so smart that it responds to a tap or a glance. Buy refurbished iPhone XR plus from Smart Cellular at an economical price. This product is available with us in good condition.

Apple iPhone XR 256GB Gold Excellent Condition

Buy refurbished iPhone XR 256gb from Smart Cellular. This iPhone has a 256 GB ROM and runs on A12 bionic chipset. We leave no stone unturned in ensuring the quality of a phone.

Among the vast range of other products, refurbished Apple Watch, refurbished Apple iPad, refurbished Samsung Mobile and refurbished Apple MacBook are also available. We go the extra mile to assure the safety of our second hand iPhones. All our refurbished products are tested and certified. Our PGE grading system helps us in providing you with the best quality refurbished products. Here you will get amazing deals and discounts on every refurbished product. Apart from that, we offer a warranty on each.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is the iPhone XR Still Worth Buying in 2023?

There seem many people who need to access different technologies for them. Apple Company seems to designate people with other technologies. But all of the models seem best on their own. Following sources, iPhone XR appears to worth buying. One can expect all different amenities out of it. Also, it runs in a much better manner in all other ways. Consequently, one can tackle buying in many affordable ranges in second-hand versions. You can emphasize the condition of the iPhone XR in a much-enhanced manner before buying it. 

Is iPhone XR Still Good? 

People need to admire it to access it. Therefore one can access a different kind of features of it. A person needs to access the other type of amenities about of it. iPhone XR seems much better to its features. Following sources, a person can access the life span of the iPhone XR. 

Is the iPhone 10 or XR Better? 

There possess many models of the iPhone. Every person needs to access comparison for their amenities out of it. iPhone 10 and XR seem too much better on their own. The better between both of them depends upon the comparison of devices. It might include the designation with prices and more. 


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