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Our 'P E G' Grading explained

We have our own unique grading system PEG.

PEG is based on the physical condition of the handset you are purchasing or have already purchased.
The grades are explained here below:


If a handset is in pristine condition this means, there will be no signs of usage or wear and tear... this handset looks brand new!


If a handset is in excellent condition this means, there will be minor signs of usage for example there may be a hairline scratch or mark on the handset... over all this handset is in excellent condition!


If a handset is in good condition this means the handset will have signs of usage and wear and tear however the phone works in excellent condition!

Buying a Refurbished

All of our products have been tested against the requirements for each category by our Tech geek squad for physical condition and working quality and is then graded upon that. These steps are carried out in order to get the best handsets for you.