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Huge savings for your pocket whilst contributing to a healthier planet!

The big picture

Did you know, it is estimated that 49.8 million tonnes of e-waste is generated worldwide? Calculated into just smartphones, this is is the equivalent of 9,023 phones being thrown away every second of the entire year!

Over 20 million handsets will be upgraded in the UK this year.

The average UK household is carries up to 4 or more unused mobile phones. That's over 50 million unused phones nationwide.

Your mobile loses its value by approximately £5 per month. This means as a nation, we could be losing out on up to £3 billion per year by not doing anything with our old phones!

That’s why SmartCellular sells refurbished…

Why Recycle & Refurbish?

One phone recycled is one less that needs to be manufactured. Every phone used for just an additional year reduces the strain on Earth’s finite resources. Every phone refurbished can have a second, third or fourth life in the hands of another user before it reaches its true end-of-life.

SmartCellular is committed to reducing this negaive impact on our planet by providing the latest up to date, as good as new, all refurbished phones. And saving you money by offering all our products at a fraction of the original price. Its a win win for all, whilst we do our bit for our planet.