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Turn Your Things Into Cash

What is Twig Trade-In?

Twig Trade-In is a seamless instant payment solution which allows you to cash out your used phone to reduce the amount that you need to pay towards buying a new product. You simply need to go to the product page and click Trade In.

How long does the payment transaction take with Twig?

Twig is an Instant payment solution, as soon as you complete a Trade In process at the point of checking out the item you wish to purchase. This will mean you will be able to purchase an item with your item in seconds. Twig will place a holding charge towards the cash out amount of the Traded In item and the funds on hold will be released as soon as the traded in item is received and verified.

How does it work?

In these 4 easy steps :


Select Twig Trade-In at checkout

Get an estimated price for your item. Twig will deduct this amount* from the new item you wish to purchase.

*This amount will be held on your account until your item has been inspected


Prepare your old device for trade in.

When your new device arrives, factory reset your old device before you send it to Twig.


Post your device for free within 7 days

We will send you a Free Shipping Label via email, use that label to send your Trade-In device to us, free of charge.


Receive your money

`After we have inspected your Trade-In device, you will receive an email confirming its value and Twig will release the holding charge on your account.

What if I have multiple items to trade?

Twig Trade In is a one to one transaction. Meaning that you can trade one item for one purchase.

What if I return or cancel my order?

If you have purchased an item via Twig Trade-In and want to return or cancel the purchased item, please go to and
request for a return or cancellation.
If your Trade-In item has been received and the funds have been released, you will no
longer be able to have the Trade-In device back. And you will receive a full refund of the
purchase amount.

Before choosing Twig Trade-In

Please check your eligibility below:

  • 1. Are you a UK resident aged 18 or older
  • 2. Make Sure that the card used has sufficient funds towards the purchase.
  • 3. Don’t use the same card with different accounts.
  • 4. When registering or signing in with Twig, please use valid emails and phone numbers.

These are required instructions that you must comply with otherwise you won’t be eligible to use Trade In.